Plenty of happy lake fisherman about at the moment . Jigging and harling have been going very well with the general comments along the lines of some of the best fishing for a number of years.Fishing the Tongariro in the main is good with a number of fish been caught in the evening rise. The big O is producing some great fish P1000525Darrin gearing up for a stalk on the bank up at the O very flat conditions was always going to make this difficult. Once the wind got up a bit it was back in to the boat the fishing was difficult but we did land a good number of great fish.P1000530This was a very pretty brown about to go back this brown did jump a whole heap.P1000531A very stroppy bow about to be released in the net I try not to handle the fish to much . Great time to be here based in Turangi enjoying the great fishing to be had .


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