DSC01762Yesterday morning at the Delta very little wind on the lake.DSC01763I was not the only one out for a early morning fish. Despite some reasonable fishing earlier last week at the Delta it would be fair to say that yesterday morning while I was there was slow.DSC01765How ever I did mange persuade this young chap to come home for dinner.There would appear to be a few fish holding around the old Plank area on the Tongariro this from a angler who had hooked one or two fish down there yesterday morning. In general there are not a lot of rods fishing the Tongariro River you can fish much of the day and hardly see any one DSC01766Back in stock my UV teasers for lures used for trolling on the lake very popular and they sure add a lot of wink to lures.DSC01767Here is a great deal for those needing a new fly reel Shimano BioCraft at the run out price of $149.00 be quick I have limited numbers in both the5/6 and 7/8

Here to help with great prices and know how THE ARMY OF ONE.

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