There appeared to be few rods about over the weekend and even fewer this morning when I was out for a fish on the Tongarireo I got on to some freshies this morning while Czech Nymphing not big fish but certainly in great order.DSC02382Real silver bullets all the fish I landed this morning were on my early morning tri coloured glo bug.DSC02383I had some nice fish yesterday while swinging a Ratruder on the Tongariro. I also had a good report from Louie The Fish who fished the Delta Saturday he and a friend landed eleven fish all but two were in great order as well as a report from Rob who has been harling Stump Bay and catching very well conditioned fish it would appear that most of the winter run is still lolly lagging out in the lake .Having said that there are pockets of fish to be had while fishing the Tongariro. WE still have our deal going on the OPST range of heads and tips and I still have a few of the $129.00  neoprene waders in store.


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