Fine this morning with none of the rain that was forecasted a day or two ago. how ever the wind is from the west . Seems it was a slow start to the new season up at the Big O yesterday with some nice fish caught but not in big number’s.20181001_113816This was one of the fish caught by Michael Rowntree yesterday up at the O. Call in for advice and the right flie’s to fish this unique fishery.DSC02453Another victim from this morning on the swing thing there was just a hint of colour in the Tongariro this morning and the fishing was a tad slower than yesterday morning. I feel that the pod of fish we were terrorizing yesterday moved over night how ever there will be replacements I am sure . There are some very good fish been caught jigging around the Hole Area in the last day or so time to have a look I quess .

Call in for the best prices in the Mall and else were


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