Overcast this morning and a little on the cool side. Fishing in the main appeared to be a bit on the tough side over the weekend both in the Tongariro and also out on the big lake.Of course the full moon would not of helped especially out on the lake. I was closed yesterday and went to the big O that was fishing not too bad with me landing two fish at once never done that before while nymphing .

DSC02323Now to be fair one was only a dink but it was two fish at once not a great photo but I was fishing alone trying to hold line and take photo’s. I had a good day up there with some great fish landed and released.

DSC02327There appears to be that there will work done on the Tongariro river bed down stream of the Bridge pool starting on the 5th of this month . This is because of a build up of the bed during high water events so they say I feel it is caused by the river been controlled and not allowed to fresh naturally . As I say it would appear the the Taupo fishery as a whole is the victim of big Business with lake and river levels etc.


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