After the run of crap weather over the last month or so especially with wind it is nice see some nice days with not so much wind . The mornings have been very good for getting out on to the big lake. I was out yesterday morning to get a couple of fish jigging for smoking I was round in stump bay I had the two fish that I wanted in very quick order the fish were deep which is in keeping with what Alex has said. P1000458One of the two fish that I kept yesterday morning I use all Pat swift flies on the Jig sets that I put together as well as carrying Pats pretied sets. Some good reports from the Tongariro both to the nymph and to the dry fly. One of the local boys tell me that a mob of fresh fish moved through the town pools on Saturday afternoon with Ian and Brent having a great time upper river over the last couple days with a number of fresh fish in the mix . Also there was a rise last evening not surprising given the weather at the moment. I was up the big O yesterday afternoon and had a great time landing eight fish which is not bad going for that fishery .


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