Like a lot of the country this morning it is very cool . For the first time in quite some time we have snow down on the farmland beneath Pihanga.River looked in great shape this morning check today’s video . There were not a lot rods about this morning a few locals in the Bro pool only one in the Major Jone’s no one in the Breakfast or Hydro Pool’s. P1000122 A nice Brace of fish caught yesterday there were mixed reports from the week end some great fish caught but it would be fair to say not in big numbers by all accounts . More than one report of the fish having a lot of brown caddis in them fish were been caught on a mix of flies from small naturals to bombs to glo bug’s.P1000124A jack I caught late yesterday afternoon on a bug above the main Rd bridge. The week should provide steady fishing call in for updates and very sharp prices on all sort’s of gear from flies to fly lines to waders .

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