Tongariro River is looking good this morning and flowing at around 32 cumxs. There are fish moving through the river and yesterday the fishing was reasonable .DSC02416Above is Brent all hooked up he had a good afternoon landing several fish while nymphing .DSC02421I did a bit of swinging yesterday afternoon [  still getting to grips with this method ] I hooked four landing two of them DSC02419This boy had as much fight as he had colour hooked him on a Ratruder call in and check out the range of Ratruder’s and Indruder’s.The coming week looks promising with more rain on the way mid week. If you are in the market for new waders at a sharp price call in and see me for both breathable and neoprene wader’s. I have CDX and Magnum in Neoprene and Aquaz in both zipped and unzipped in breathable .The range of Aquaz gear represents very good value a pair of zipped five layer waders from $450.00 is great value .


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