Overcast this morning but no wind makes a great change. It would appear that the fishing has been a little quiet in the main with the odd angler picking up more than one or two . Rod pressure on the Tongariro is for the school holidays light with the town pools copping the most pressure such as it is. I went down and had a look last evening to see if there was much of a rise sat there till almost dark and saw jack may be half dozen and they appeared to be sprats not that that’s always the case.NotĀ  a lot of news from the lake over the weekend I hope to back out there shortly to bring you up to date with what is the go out there as far harlingĀ  jigging etc is up to.Mean while back on the river this morning I was out swinging and the result was this real fresh henP1000432I had two other bumps and also broke one of. The river sure could do with a fresh as can be seen with the snot on this fish.


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