Nice day with light wind at the moment.The good reports keep rolling in on the fishing here at the Southern end of the lake. Had Louie the fish call yesterday afternoon he and his fishing companion were in the middle of a hot bite while fishing in side the mouth of the Tongariro River using wooly buggers on slow sink lines.
















This is Ian with his first fish out of the Big O . Ian and his friend called in last week and got the run down on the big O Ian’s comment was that he is counting down the days to get back there.DSC02308








I have been using the new Scientific Anglers Amplitude line up at the Big O i have found this line very good and do recommend it. How ever it is not a cheap line with RRP of $209.00 the ARMY OF ONE in the smaller store with the better prices offers this line at $189.00 plus P/H if any. Keep a eye on the reports for other great prices and do call in for updates etc.



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