20190905_160444Happy angler with his first fish on a new rod that I sold him to match his TRC line . Rain on and off this morning but the Tongariro is looking in great shape. MIxed reports from the weekend there was a run of fish Friday afternoon and again Saturday afternoon through the town pools those that were in the right place at the right time did very well . I also had another happy angler who fished the lower sections of the river Saturday afternoon and had a great time landing over a dozen fish while nymphing.20190905_101428This nice Jack was caught last week by Simon Hoole while on the swing Simon is the chap to talk to when it comes to setting up swing gear . I fished this morning very quiet morning with only three fish hooked and there where not a lot of rods about with the forecast that we have there should be fish on the move for most of the week I will be surprised if there is not.At the moment I only have one of the TRC lines in stock they have proved to be very popular over the last week or so if you want be quick.


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