Plenty of sun with little to no wind at the moment. Should be back up at the Big O I was up there yesterday with UK Steve.We had a great day landing some very good fish which were all released in good order . We only took one out of the water for a pic. We got pic’s of some of the other fish while in the net It would appear that some folk that fish the Big O fail to realiese would a unique fishery this is . DSC02540Steve with a great fish but there was better to come.DSC02545Not a great pic but this fish was a honest eight pound and I caught on a damsel that I tie for the Big O.DSC02542Another victim of the Timmy Damsel. I had fish break me others run in to the backing before dropping of all in all a great day. I have also had good reports from the Tongariro as far as cicada fishing goes especially in the upper reaches. Call in for updates and well priced gear that works.


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