Over cast this morning and feels close would not be surprised to see a thunder storm this afternoon.There is a lack of anglers fishing the town pools over the last day or so still plenty of fish were I have been fishing in the mornings how ever they are getting rather shy as I only hooked three this morning might have to give it a rest and go jig the lake.DSC02508Michael Rowntree hooked up at the big O yesterday afternoon we went up in the afternoon and stripped damsels made a change from nymphing .DSC02510No news over the last day or two on how the big lake is fishing might see if I can get a smoker tomorrow if the morning is settled.DSC02458Been busy tieing up jig sets for Xmas I only use Pat Swift flies and XX fluro the fly combos that I do is from my fishing on the lake and from the days when I charter fished the lake call in and check them out.


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