Some great fishing around the the Turangi area .Rivers or lakes there is something going on. I was out jigging with a friend late Saturday morning which was great . Kept six nice conditioned fish which have since gone to Gisborne.A number of other good reports from folk out on the Lake jigging most using the gear that I put together here in Store using Pat Swift Flies.20180122_155003This nice brown was caught by one Peter Bragg’s clients a day or so ago while fishing one of the back country rivers close to Turangi. IMG_2930U K Steve with a nice RainBow from the Big O which he caught and released last Friday. Steve has been doing well up on the Big O with Flies that I tie for the O Anglers are now starting catch fish out of the Tongariro on Cicada patterns should be good for the next few weeks would be nice if the Cicada got going up at the Big O.

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