Quick update on the fishing around the Turangi area. In short I have had good reports from the fishery as a whole. One angler was in yesterday after a great morning fishing the Tongariro. Landed a dozen plus fish while Czech Nymphing . The lake is fishing well with both the trollers and jiggers doing well the jig sets that I put together with Pat Swift Flies are very popular . I have been putting as much time as I can find fishing the Big O a lot of stunning fish been caught but I am a little grumpy at seeing over seas visitors killing fish this is a very special fishery and should be treated as such.DSC02294A Big O fish about to be released this from last week end the happy angler is Peter Bragg Local guide and sometimes counter jockey here at Barry Greig’s when I doddle of fishing .Enjoy the great fishing that we have here around the Turangi District.


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