The Tongariro is looking good this morning after yesterdays fresh. Went out last evening with my #3 weight Czech Nymphing rod . I fished a sneaky little bit of the Tongariro that fishs well on a higher river flow.DSC02257I hooked a lot of fish some stale some fresh including this girl who was being a bit shy.DSC02259She finally settled down for the shot . Some very good reports from the great lake with the jigging producing some great fish for those that hunt them down. Also reported the clouds of smelt showing up on the sounder which all bodes well for another great summer season out on the great lake. The trolling also is going well with well conditioned fish been bought to the net . Back in stock Bling thing sinkers and jig sets put together by the ARMY OF ONEĀ  using PAT SWIFT FLIES which were a real winner last season.Also trolling teasers put together by the ARMY OF ONE.

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