Cold wind from the Sou west this morning with cloud. I was out for a early swing this morning and landed this very nice fresh hen that gave me the run around .DSC02465I had two other bumps but no more hook ups. Barrie from I LOVE FLY FISHING has been in the area over the last few days fishing he to had got in to fish and reports that there appears to be very few anglers out enjoying the spring fishing.DSC02466I am getting some very good reports from folk that are jigging out on the lake catching well conditioned fish. Another angler was in this morning stocking up on gear and was was having a great time up at the BIG O spin fishing . Also Storming Norman was in yesterday also stocking up with gear he had been doing very well on the Tongariro with a dry fly dropper set up he said he was landing a mixed bag but having a great time with the hardly another angler in sight .Great time to be here call in gear at great prices and updates .


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