28 05 20

Cool start to the day with lots of sunshine. I was out for fish this morning using a # 7 10ft Primal what a great rod I am fast becoming a fan for 10ft rods . I caught two fresh … Continue reading →

Louie The Fish with a very nice fish from the Delta late last week there has been a big stack up of jacks lately. These from this morning old Alex got these two before been blown of from the Delta … Continue reading →

20 05 20

Still clear morning with a frost this morning looks like the same weather pattern for the next few days . Delta is fishing well with old Alex out there having a high old time.These were part of his catch from … Continue reading →

18 05 20

Great fish been caught at the Delta there were a lot of rods about over the week end both on the lake and the river some of the river fisherman also did well . THE ARMY OF ONE. … Continue reading →

15 05 20

Stunning day with very light breeze from no where in particular. Been getting some great looking fish at the mouths bug fishing not in great numbers but well worth the effort.This was a great hen that I caught and released … Continue reading →