18 05 20

Great fish been caught at the Delta there were a lot of rods about over the week end both on the lake and the river some of the river fisherman also did well . THE ARMY OF ONE. … Continue reading →

15 05 20

Stunning day with very light breeze from no where in particular. Been getting some great looking fish at the mouths bug fishing not in great numbers but well worth the effort.This was a great hen that I caught and released … Continue reading →

13 05 20

Front door open tomorrow and we can move . Tongariro is in great shape with a number of fish in it but you will have to move around  . Still some nice browns in the Tongariro they appear to have … Continue reading →

07 05 20

Frosty this morning which made the early morning fish a bit chilly. Hard going with only one fish landed and another couple of takes.The fish that I did land was very nice fresh hen straight o9ut of the lake surprised … Continue reading →

05 05 2020

Things have cooled down weather wise today snow to fall on the Desert Rd as I understand. The Tongariro was fishable this morning all be it with colour I did’nt fish the Tongas this morning Reliable and I went to … Continue reading →