29 06 16

Over cast this morning with rain threatening for later in the day. Tongariro looked a picture this morning .This nice hen was taken this morning on the wet line one of the more ripe fish I have seen lately .This … Continue reading →

28 06 16

Showers sun showers sun today the Tongariro River is just under 40 cumxs this morning.Very few rods about on the Tongariro this morning when I had a look so updates are hard to come by. I did talk with one … Continue reading →

27 06 16

Like a lot of the country we have rain again this morning the Tongariro River is flowing at 40 or so cumxs and very likely to go higher.At the moment the Tongariro is fishable and I was out for a … Continue reading →

22 06 16

We have had some rain over the last few hours and the the Tongariro is on the way up at 29 cumxs at the moment . Fished yesterday morning briefly and landed two fresh fish as you would expect with … Continue reading →

20 06 16

Mixed reports from the weekend with anglers reporting spotting fish and not catching while others managed to get a fish or two. Introduced two anglers to the joys of czech nymphing over the weekend Brent and Ian had a great … Continue reading →