12 04 18

Nice fine day with the wind easing at the moment.I see there is a bit of work been done on the downstream side of the main road bridge. We will see what effect that has on the Tongariro over the … Continue reading →

09 04 18

Over cast today with fairy mist and little wind in Turangi.Fishing pressure around the Southern end of Taupo remains light both river and lake . The fishing how ever is not bad out on the lake as can be seen … Continue reading →

03 04 18

Overcast this morning and a little on the cool side. Fishing in the main appeared to be a bit on the tough side over the weekend both in the Tongariro and also out on the big lake.Of course the full … Continue reading →

29 03 18

Call in and see us over the long week end and have a peep at the Aquaz range of breathable waders both zipped and unzipped We also have the Aquaz wading boots These along with the Waders represent very good … Continue reading →

20 03 18

Fine today with little or no wind in Turangi. Fishing Info is a bit thin on the ground with few anglers about either fishing the river or lake.There is a bit of action at certain stream mouths but by all … Continue reading →