27 03 19

Over cast but at the moment not really looking like rain how ever. It would be fair to say that we do need rain to give the fishery as a whole a kick in the pants but not the sort … Continue reading →

19 03 19

Over cast with odd peep from the sun and light winds. Tongariro is low and clear with not a lot of rods out there. One report from Bill who fished last night and got a nice brown of around eight … Continue reading →

14 03 19

Cloud is breaking and the sun is starting to come through.With the rain we had yesterday I would have expected the Tongariro to lift more than it did but it would appear that the extra water was stolen from the … Continue reading →

13 03 19

Bit of drizzle this morning at the moment I don’t think there will enough to lift the river. Not  a lot of rods out on the river at the moment but those that are out there having fun are getting … Continue reading →

11 03 19

Overcast this morning with very little wind. Not a whole heap of Info but it would appear that some of the glass of fish that Alex has been catching at the Delta have filterd in to the Tongariro . Saw … Continue reading →