20 03 18

Fine today with little or no wind in Turangi. Fishing Info is a bit thin on the ground with few anglers about either fishing the river or lake.There is a bit of action at certain stream mouths but by all … Continue reading →

15 03 18

Wind is a bit lighter today which will enable the lake fisherman to get out and about. Not much in the way of news at the as angling pressure is light both on the Tongariro and the lake.I fished the … Continue reading →

12 03 18

No sign of rain as yet and there appears to be little wind . not  a lot of news on the fishing front there is as you would expect at this time of year few anglers about . There have … Continue reading →

08 03 18

Heavy rain over night has all but gone leaving the Tongariro river carrying extra water { around 50 cumxs as of 10am] and coloured I would expect by late this afternoon or tomorrow morning that the Tongariro will be wet … Continue reading →

06 03 18

Overcast today after a couple of fine very warm days with little or no wind.There appears to few anglers about and in the main those that are fishing the Tongariro are finding the going tough. As with other stores in … Continue reading →