05 02 20

With few folk around there has not been a lot to report on. Much cooler this morning with a sou west wind the last few days have been very warm like most of the country and has put both the … Continue reading →

22 01 20

High cloud with no wind at the moment but I am sure that the cloud will burn of.Not a lot of news over the last few days from either the Tongariro or the lake. There is the odd cicada about … Continue reading →

17 01 20

Not a lot of news over the last few days both from the lake or the Tongariro .SteveĀ  and Lyn were fishing the Delta a day or so ago they caught a few fish on the bug what was interesting … Continue reading →

13 01 20

Cool this morning with little to no wind in town. Not a whole lot to report it would seem that a lot of folk are back on the tread mill sort of speak. Looking at the town pools this morning … Continue reading →

08 01 20

Nice morning and for a very pleasant change the wind is very light . With the wind of the last week or so there have been few reports from the lake but what I can gleam is that the jigging … Continue reading →