01 04 20

Great weather at the moment and a great looking river. View face book page . The start to this years crop of Rainbow Warriors this year I will have them in three sizes with 4 mm 3.5 mm and 3 … Continue reading →

12 03 20

A cool start to the day which has turned out to be a cracker. Tongariro was looking good this morning and where I looked not a rod to be seen . Seems that despite the cooler mornings the lace moth … Continue reading →

09 03 20

Here at last Lace month’s been waiting for them longer than we expected but at last they are here . There is still a lot of moth about so out there and in to it.Not a lot of other news … Continue reading →

02 03 20

Overcast and a bit cooler this morning . I was out at the Delta this morning with Lyn the Reliable Lyn got two cracking fish on a Pat Swift Booby while I caught nothing which was not surprising as I … Continue reading →

27 02 20

Above a number of fish holding station in the lower Tongariro very sneakily sitting behind this over hang. There is a lot of fish of all sizes going hard out on the lace moth and are very hard to catch … Continue reading →