21 01 19

Cooler today after the temps of the last few days. Plenty of cicadas chirping again today and with the wind over the last few days the fish are starting to look up as the chirpers get blown on to the … Continue reading →

16 01 19

Over cast to day but the rain has stopped. Some people will have thought the rain was a pain and in some cases this would be true.How ever to every cloud there is meant o be a silver lining and … Continue reading →

09 01 19

Overcast at the moment as at 10 42 am with very light breeze. I had a very good report from the lake yesterday and saw the photos on the phone to prove it. Chap was in getting a new wire … Continue reading →

07 01 19

Nice day with a bit of overhead cloud and a gentle Breeze as opposed to the last few days.The fishing has been a mixed bag out on the lake over the last week or so with some folk struggling and … Continue reading →

18 12 18

Nice fine morning with light winds fishing on the Tongariro was good this morning with some nice fish landed Czech Nymphing including  this one.This girl is either very late or very early put up a hell of a fight .Why … Continue reading →