13 07 20

Been a busy old time of late with a number of people about for the holidays. The river fishing has been great with a lot of happy anglers about with very well conditioned fish been caught. One of four that … Continue reading →

02 07 20

Like most of the country it is a bit brisk this morning . I was out in the cold first thing this morning with the swing thing which was not at all going well [ sloppy angling on my behalf … Continue reading →

29 06 20

Another month just about gone and as we head in to July the fishing on the rivers in the Taupo fishery will only get better. I was out this morning doing the swing thing and by my standards had a … Continue reading →

21 06 20

Shortest day and if it is like normal winter is only starting. A bit of rain over the last day or so has moved the fish around with some great fish coming out of the Tongariro and I would suspect … Continue reading →

04 06 20

Been very slack with the updates but as I say I am but the army of one . There are great fish been caught at this end of the lake out at the Delta or in the Tongariro itself. Number … Continue reading →