25 09 19

Bit of rain yesterday lifted the Tongariro to 39 cumxs for a short while and the river today is back down to around 28 cumxs. As you would expect there has been fish moving with some anglers doing well both … Continue reading →

23 09 19

Overcast this morning with at times a strong westly although at times it is a bit all over . Two stunning days over the weekend bright sunshine with very little breeze.made for tough conditions for a lot of the anglers … Continue reading →

19 09 19

Nice first thing this morning with next to no wind as the morning goes on there is a bit more cloud. It would seem that the Tongariro was a little quiet yesterday Stephen had a good stomp around the River … Continue reading →

18 09 19

Great day with lots of blue sky and as the norm the rain in the forecast of a day or so ago failed to materialize . Mixed reports from yesterday with one angler and his buddy hooking in to better … Continue reading →

17 09 19

Cloudy morning with rain in the forecast which would explain the run of fresh fish yesterday. The town pools fished well and Stephen was down in the Reed pool yesterday afternoon and got in to some nice freshies . The … Continue reading →