20 02 19

Cloud first thing this morning but as the day has gone on most has burnt of. Back Cicada fishing yesterday with Michael the Younger and UK Steve. Great day with a good number of fish coming up to our offerings … Continue reading →

18 02 19

Cooler today with a bit of a breeze . Michael the Younger and I Cicada fished yesterday afternoon had a great time.Michael hooked up the fish were not huge but they sure were stroppy .And took a heap of landing … Continue reading →

13 02 19

Nice day in Turangi this morning with at the moment light winds. Talking with Alex yesterday who has been out jigging regularly on Taupo seems that the fishing is steady with some very well conditioned fish been caught. Chap was … Continue reading →

11 02 19

Plenty of sun with little to no wind at the moment. Should be back up at the Big O I was up there yesterday with UK Steve.We had a great day landing some very good fish which were all released … Continue reading →

07 02 19

Fine and a bit cooler in Turangi this morning. Tongariro is low and clear I went for a quick fish this morning with the Czech Nymhing rod.The one and only hook up which resulted in this chunky fishPlenty of fish … Continue reading →