11 07 16

Three nice fish caught on Saturday by local angler Lyn The Reliable out of the Tongariro River.Despite low clear conditions some anglers are doing ok on the Tongariro. I hear that the Hine was very busy on Saturday no updates … Continue reading →

06 07 16

Over cast this morning with rain in the forecast for tomorrow. Seems to be one or two rods out and about and fish been caught . Pair of old boys were up in the Blue yesterday and landed half a … Continue reading →

05 07 16

Nice morning with out the hard frosts of the last few days .A report from the Tongariro Delta yesterday bodes well with a number of nice fish been caught by Alex yesterday he also saw other anglers hooking in to … Continue reading →

04 07 16

Cold like most of the country this morning . Some good reports from the week end and as usual it depends who you talk to.Some people were disappointed while others had a great time. One chap was in this morning … Continue reading →

29 06 16

Over cast this morning with rain threatening for later in the day. Tongariro looked a picture this morning .This nice hen was taken this morning on the wet line one of the more ripe fish I have seen lately .This … Continue reading →