25 05 16

Overcast with showers coming and going this morning .Tongariro is up a fraction and has a bit of colour it is wet lineable and I saw one brown caught this morning .One report from yesterday from Paddy saying there were … Continue reading →

24 05 16

Cool and over cast this morning with a breeze starting to pick up . The Tongariro looks great this morning I am temped to put the back in five sign up.These two beauty’s were caught at the Delta yesterday morning … Continue reading →

23 05 16

Over cast and cool this morning the Tongariro looked in great shape when I went and looked about 7.30am Paddy had the Bridge Pool to him self and he was the only rod I saw this morning . Very few … Continue reading →

18 05 16

Raining this morning we will see how much we get . Had a look at the Waimo Mouth this morning and found this boy loitering around.With the rain I would expect more fish like this lurking about both at the … Continue reading →

17 05 16

Nice bright morning after a  thunder storm last evening with enough rain to put a hint of colour in to the Tongariro.How ever like last Saturday not enough rain to put some serious volume of water in to the Tongariro.Caught … Continue reading →