19 07 16

Cool today with rain expected this afternoon. Fishing the Tongariro has been patchy for some folk while others have done well. Had one of the locals in this morning who has been having some great fishing on the Tongariro.I also … Continue reading →

14 07 16

Some great fish been caught at the Southern end of Lake Taupo. I was fishing the Delta yesterday and landed five fish all nice fish . There were still fish smelting and one of the two fish I kept had … Continue reading →

11 07 16

Three nice fish caught on Saturday by local angler Lyn The Reliable out of the Tongariro River.Despite low clear conditions some anglers are doing ok on the Tongariro. I hear that the Hine was very busy on Saturday no updates … Continue reading →

06 07 16

Over cast this morning with rain in the forecast for tomorrow. Seems to be one or two rods out and about and fish been caught . Pair of old boys were up in the Blue yesterday and landed half a … Continue reading →

05 07 16

Nice morning with out the hard frosts of the last few days .A report from the Tongariro Delta yesterday bodes well with a number of nice fish been caught by Alex yesterday he also saw other anglers hooking in to … Continue reading →