11 05 16

We have the drizzle this morning but will we get the rain?. Out for a quick fish this morning early would be nice to spend more time on the river but it is what it is how ever hooked two … Continue reading →

10 05 16

Nice day again this morning but the experts tell us there is a weather change on the way well we will see often rain is forecast for the Taupo/Turangi area only to amount to nothing .I was out early this … Continue reading →

09 05 16

Anna was out fishing with Michael from Something Fishy over the weekend they got some nice fish on white Boobys.Given that we could do with a decent shake with the weather the fishing on the Tongariro has been good in … Continue reading →

05 05 16

Over cast with light drizzle this morning don’t think we are going to get much rain how ever.I thought I better go and see what was happening on the Tongariro River after yesterdays reports . Result was I hooked four … Continue reading →

04 05 16

Two new bombs for this coming winter which I guess will show at some stage.News From the Tongariro River talking with two visiting anglers this morning was interesting despite the low clear river conditions that we have at the moment … Continue reading →