04 02 16

This nice rainbow I caught a day or so again after work. The cicada fishing has been good . With the number of angler’s cicada fishing I feel that the fish in the more popular pools are starting to wise … Continue reading →

03 02 16

These Boys were out with Whiskery Mike yesterday and had a great morning out on the Lake .Mike said that two of the fish were fill of cicada makes you wonder if they had been up a river then back … Continue reading →

02 02 16

This nice brown was caught over the weekend by visiting angler Stephane from New Caledonia while cicada fishing the Tongariro. The cicadas have been going nuts over the last few days with both the trout and the ducks hovering them … Continue reading →

28 01 16

These young folk were out with Whiskery Mike yesterday in the rain As you can see they caught some great fish including this nice brown.Mike said that the down rigger was the go yesterday and produced good results.Should be a … Continue reading →

26 01 16

This from last week I took Thursday afternoon off and of to the Big O .Fishing was slow for the first hour but then a bite started that went on for about a hour and a half. I hooked eight … Continue reading →