15 02 16

                                 THANKS TO WHISKERY MIKE More happy clients who fished with Whiskery Mike last week they got some great fish jigging . It would seem that different parts … Continue reading →

11 02 16

                     THANKS TO WHISKERY MIKE CHARTERS This nice brown was caught and released last week out on Taupo by one of Whiskery Mikes punters . Mike reports some very good jigging out on the … Continue reading →

09 02 16

Louie the Fish with a nice rainbow caught in the Bridge pool before Xmas.The fishing in general is not bad from what I have seen the Tongariro River is still fishing well to the cicada and the jigging on the … Continue reading →

04 02 16

This nice rainbow I caught a day or so again after work. The cicada fishing has been good . With the number of angler’s cicada fishing I feel that the fish in the more popular pools are starting to wise … Continue reading →

03 02 16

These Boys were out with Whiskery Mike yesterday and had a great morning out on the Lake .Mike said that two of the fish were fill of cicada makes you wonder if they had been up a river then back … Continue reading →