25 08 16

Tongariro is looking good this morning not having come up much after last nights rain .One of the locals hooked up this morning he was using a wet line .And to good effect this was one of three fish that … Continue reading →

24 08 16

Over cast with little to no wind blowing down the Tongariro. Number of rods out fishing the town pools this morning and I saw a number of fish been hooked. Seems to be a steady trickle of fish moving though … Continue reading →

23 08 16

Great day to be on the Tongariro fishing this morning and some great fish to be had.One of two great fresh run hens that I caught this morning.                             Glo bug first thing in the morning works well                              The second fish … Continue reading →

22 08 16

Over cast today with some light drizzle bit of a contrast to yesterday. Some very nice fish been caught over the last few days both at the Delta and out of the Tongariro how ever usual story some folk are … Continue reading →

16 08 16

Great day here with light winds and the Tongariro looks a picture There are a number of fish falling victim to the Anglers that are out and about .I had a quick look mid morning hooked five fish landed four three … Continue reading →