07 10 16

Tongariro flow has dropped to around 40 cumxs and is a great colour . Not many reports today guess the higher level this morning may have put some folk of. Should be some hot fishing over the week end and … Continue reading →

06 10 16

Rain overnight and this morning has meant that the Tongariro river level is rising and at the moment is around 40 cumxs and rising . Looking at Waipakai there is a bit of water to still come down the Tongariro.This … Continue reading →

04 10 16

Another grey day with so far light winds on the Tongariro. I fished again this morning and for a while the fishing was insane.There were some very nice fish hooked this morning and most did not come easy to the … Continue reading →

03 10 16

Over cast this morning with little wind . I had some good reports over the weekend and some not so good. Both nymphing and wet liningĀ  are producing results .This nice fresh hen was one of a number I hooked … Continue reading →

29 09 16

Over cast with light winds once again this morning . The great early morning fishing continues with some very nice fish been landed.Above is local Ringo with a nice silver bullet this was one fish that was bigger than the … Continue reading →