20 06 16

Mixed reports from the weekend with anglers reporting spotting fish and not catching while others managed to get a fish or two. Introduced two anglers to the joys of czech nymphing over the weekend Brent and Ian had a great … Continue reading →

16 06 16

Nice morning a spell of crappy weather would help how everĀ  I was out again this morning and did encounter some fresh fishBit late getting to this one put up a hell of a struggle. Landed another fresh hen even … Continue reading →

15 06 16

Nice day with a bit of a cool breeze The Tongariro appears to be few rods fishing the Tongariro this morning must say the Tongas looks great. I was out this morning early Czech nymphing had a great time hooking … Continue reading →

14 06 16

Cool start to the day was clear first thing but there appears to be a bit of cloud now. Tongariro looked in great shape this morning while I was giving the puppies a run apart from locals it would appear … Continue reading →

13 06 16

Cool wind blowing down the Tongariro River this morning but this did not put Willy off.He looks very happy playing what turned out to be a nice fat little jackI have had good reports from the Tauranga/Taupo river over the … Continue reading →