19 04 16

These fish were caught on Saturday by local angler Alex Corfield Alex was fishing to smelting fish.Alex was using Pat Swift Epoxy grey Ghost to very good effect and as you can see the fish were in great order. Very … Continue reading →

18 04 16

                           THANKS TO WHISKERY MIKE Whiskery Mike was out with clients last Thursday and the jigging was hot all fish caught on Pat Swift flies and using Bling Thing Sinkers. Whiskery said all the fish were full of smelt and … Continue reading →

14 04 16

I fished the T/T mouth late yesterday afternoon fishing was slow with only two fish landed while I was there. I caught one which gave me the run around but was not quite what I wanted for the table. Great … Continue reading →

13 04 16

                                                  FILE We are slowly moving towards the winter runs but never be in hurry to wish your life away how ever  I am looking forward to some great fishing in the … Continue reading →

11 04 16

The look on Whiskery Mikes face says it all the one that was almost but not quite . Not a bunch of rods about at the moment either on the Lake or on the Tongariro so no competition .What rods … Continue reading →