09 03 16

Not a lot of wind this morning which makes a change after the last few days . The comment is there appears to be very few rods on the Tongariro at the moment so plenty of room . Some of … Continue reading →

07 03 16

Hooked up at the Delta yesterday the fish turned out to be undersized  There have been some nice fish caught at theTongariro Delta along with not so nice fish. I only got one yesterday while fishing the Delta a maiden … Continue reading →

03 03 16

                                                 FILE Been a very quiet week so far with what appears to be few anglers around. I have not heard a great deal from the Tongariro River for the last few days or that much from the big O … Continue reading →

01 03 16

                    THANKS TO SOMETHINGFISHY CHARTERS. This from last week Michael got his clients in to some great fish both Harling and Jigging. Not a great deal of fresh news other than one small stream mouth seems to be fishing well … Continue reading →

24 02 16

Fish I caught recently up the Big O on the red nymph that I tie for up there .Not a whole bunch of news in the last day or so but I believe that the Tongariro Delta is producing some … Continue reading →